Hello everyone,

A warm welcome to our website. We are continuously trying to enrich out site so that it will be both fully informative and interesting.

ICSL continually strives to be the very best school it can be.

What every child needs- what every child deserves.

We are in a constant search to find the necessary skills that our children will need to master in order to thrive in a world that is already changing as rapidly as science uncovers brain potential.

Skills like computational thinking, new media literacy, transdisciplinarity, sense making, social intelligence, novel and adaptive thinking, crosscultural competence and many more.

It is time for parents to start to ask questions and to delve further into the teaching practices of the schools their children attend.

Change will only happen when parents become savvy consumers of education.

The stakes are high and none of us can afford to fail those we care about most – our children.

My hope is that I can contribute to ICSL’s commitment to developing students of high academic achievement, intellectual curiosity, and strong moral character.

My goal is to promote the further growth of our school into an effective learning center in these challenging times.

We welcome you to join ICSL.

With regards,
Director ICSL – A. Argatzopoulos