The school library is always open to all the students to read, research and study.Students can borrow books to read at home and join a book club. In addition to the new computers in the IT Lab with wireless internet access, students can use the Projection Room as an extension to help them research.

Information Technology

The Information Technology Center offers spacious accomodation for instruction in computer skills. The use of up to date computers is encouraged throughout the curriculum and has become a part of every day lives of our students.

Science Lab

The Science Lab is well equipped and set up to create inquisitive minds who want to explore the world of science. Students can gain hands on experience by learning and doing different experiments.

The Theater

Various performances,activities and assembles can be easily accommodated in our comfortable and spacious theater.

Open air Amphitheater

Plays concerts and other activities are held here out in the open with an open mind.

Multi Sport Area

A Soccer field two open air basketball courts and two tennis courts combined are available to our students and their guests alike .

The Gymnasium

Fully equipped and with an indoor basketball court hosts games and gymnastics alike.