A variety of enrichment programs are offered to ICSL students and the general community, through out the academic year.




ICSL Summer Camp 2018


The ICSL Summer Camp is a 2-week English speaking day camp for 6 to 9 year-olds, which aims to help your child  learn English naturally in an English speaking environment that focuses on playful activities.

This year's 2 week theme is about technology, programming and computational thinking through play!


Please visit our Summer Camp Website for more information www.icslsummercamp.com 




ICSL offers an English Program every saturday from 9:30 to 1:30pm from A junior through to Proficiency. Students are taught English through a variety of educational programs by native speakers and are taught computer skills such as creating their own Web page, English Tests and using the Internet. This program emphasizes learning to speak and write in English in order to use the language effectively and correctly.

ICSL Kindergarten begins the journey into academic learning whilst nurturing the child's social and emotional development. Our Kindergarten program is based on the British Early Years

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