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Dear Parents,

Come and share in a unique experience of celebrating your child’s learning. Students from Gr. 1- 5 have been working very hard to get their portfolios ready to present to you on Wednesday 19th June. The children have been busy collecting samples of their class work which they have been reflecting and evaluating.

The idea of portfolio day is for your child to celebrate their achievements with you. During the 10-15 minute meeting your child will present their folder of work to you. These meetings are student led and no teachers will be present. Please come at a time convenient to you between the hours 9:00am to 15:00pm.

ICSL Faculty 

Two teams, dressed in the ICSL colors, with one goal: Victory!


Relay games and team games full of fun and adventure!


International food and drinks waiting to give them a try!


Now thats what we call a Sports Day! 


Friday 7th of June, 9:00am-12:00pm.  Bring your friends and loved ones.


Open School Day for parents interested in enrolling their child next year!


*Students must wear the color of the team they are listed in. Check Newsletter

Event Schedule and list!


Two new trees have graced the growns of the ICSL campus. Students

shoveled, dug and planted with care our new Cherry and Almond trees.

Message of the day: Caring for the enviroment is fun!!






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